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Charging EVerywhere

CHARGE+ is a leading integrated EV charging solution provider for Singapore and Southeast Asia

Residential Apartment Building

CHARGE+ is #1 for EV charging in the condominium market

Partner list of 60 condos (nearly 400 EV charging points), as of mid-2022. First EV charging operator in end-2021 to implement EV chargers in condos with LTA grant support (ECCG grant)

Who we serve

Public Housing




Commercial & Industrial



What our customers say

Domus Condominium

“Domus Condominium has been very interested to implement an EV charging station but struggled with the business model since Domus is unlikely to get support at the AGM to make such an investment. So we were glad that Charge+ was able to provide Charging-as-a-Service for our condo so that it is zero cost to the MCST. We were impressed when Charge+ offered a model with them making a forward investment on the related EV charger infrastructure unit, defraying what the MCST would otherwise have to invest, at a time when the EV charging demand is still low. In our view, this is an essential move to breaking the “chicken and egg” issue. Our Council has also been impressed by Charge+’s capabilities and their understanding of the industry and the technical aspects of EV charging. Charge+ was able to implement the charging station quickly in March 2021, with the right safety standards. Now we are glad our residents can enjoy the charging service from Charge+.”


  – Jerry Lim, Council Chairman

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