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Channel News Asia (CNA) and Channel 8 News interviewed Charge+ CEO

Charge+ CEO is pleased to be interviewed by Channel News Asia (CNA) and Channel 8 News for comments on the recent positive developments in Singapore regarding EVs:

1) Refreshed TR25 regulation that governs the safety standards of EV chargers: The new TR25 provides regulatory clarity for lower-powered and ultra-fast chargers, therefore providing more options for EVs in Singapore. That said, the majority of the EV drivers in Singapore will still charge overnight based on the regular AC chargers in residential estates.

2) All HDB towns to be fitted with EV chargers by 2025: Public housing (HDB) residents might think twice before making the switch if there is a lack of charging infrastructure near their home. Hence, having more HDB chargers is crucial to allow drivers to be able to charge conveniently and will help spur EV adoption in Singapore.

To see the full interviews, please see:

Channel NewsAsia : (from 1:66 onwards)

Channel 8 : (from5:55 onwards)


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