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Charge+ expands electric vehicle charging network in Thailand

Photo (from left to right) :

Goh Chee Kiong, CEO Charge+

Krit Vichaiwatanapanich, CEO of HAUP

Ong Tze Boon, Chairman Charge+



Charge+ acquires existing network of 50 EV chargers from HAUP

Bangkok and Singapore, 25 November 2022 -

Charge+ and HAUP announced their strategic partnership in Thailand today, with Charge+’s acquisition of HAUP’s existing network of 50 electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Bangkok and Pattaya. Strategically located in shopping malls, commercial buildings and hotels, Charge+ will further expand this EV charging network to support HAUP’s fast growing electric fleet as well as public EV drivers.

The partnership taps on Charge+’s strong track record as the leading EV charging provider in the Southeast Asian region. Charge+ started its Bangkok office in mid-2022 and seeks to serve EV drivers across residential, commercial and industrial properties in Thailand. Charge+ is also building an EV charging backbone from Singapore through Malaysia and on to Bangkok, and this EV charging network in Thailand represents the vital northern end-point of this backbone.

As the top shared mobility operator in Thailand today, HAUP has consistently been committed to having a sizeable fraction of its car sharing fleet to be electric. HAUP provides customers with a wide range of EV selections that include the MG ZS EV, MG EP EV, MG 4 EV, Nissan Leaf, BMW iX3, BMW 530e, BMW X3e, Lexus UX 300e, Toyota Prius PHEV, Toyota C-pod and BYD Atto3. Today, HAUP operates over 300 EVs and aims to grow the electric fleet to 600 EVs by 2025.

Both Charge+ and HAUP seek to encourage the use of more EVs in Thailand, in alignment with the pro-EV policies of the Thai government. To reach its goals of having 30% of the total domestic vehicle production to be EVs by 2030 and to only sell zero-emission vehicles in the country by 2035, Thailand has announced subsidies for electric passenger cars in 2022 to encourage EV adoption.

“Charge+ is now experiencing rapid expansion across Southeast Asia, in which Thailand represents an exciting growth market for us. We are therefore excited to partner Thailand’s leading car sharing operator, HAUP to enable the success of its electric fleet. This initial EV charging network in Thailand is also a strategic milestone in Charge+’s plan to build an EV charging backbone from Singapore to Bangkok.” said Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+.

“During the past two years, we have been experiencing high demand for EVs from various market segments from locals, tourists, and corporates. Hence, we are expecting to see explosive demand growth for EVs and EV charging stations in the coming years. In response to the needs for EV infrastructure, we are very keen to be partnering with the leading EV charging operator from Singapore. This partnership will allow Charge+ to leverage our existing shared mobility locations to accelerate the EV charging infrastructure. Concurrently, HAUP will be able to continuously increase our EV fleet on the platform. Together we will be able to share and leverage our areas of expertise to achieve the transition toward zero carbon mobility.” said Krit Vichaiwatanapanich, CEO of HAUP.

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