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Charge+ has landed in Yishun and Punggol HDB carparks

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Charge+'s first 2 EV charging stations in Yishun and Punggol HDB carparks, under Singapore’s first ever governmental tender, are open for use by the public. With 3 charging points at each HDB location, EV drivers in Singapore can now charge comfortably right at your doorsteps.

Find us at the locations below, with more to come soon:

• Blk 315 Yishun Street 31 Multi Storey Carpark, Deck 4B • Blk 292 Punggol Central Multi Storey Carpark, Deck 4A

For the link to the video in mewatch:

Download the Charge+ app today and stay tune for more of our locations.

For Android user, For Apple user,


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