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Charge+ is pleased to partner Frasers Property to proliferate the fastest EV chargers in their malls

Updated: Jul 19, 2023



  • A total of 36 fast electric vehicle (EV) public charging points will be deployed across the 12 malls of Frasers Property Retail, with Charge+, SP Group, and Tesla offering optimal flexibility and convenience for EV drivers

  • As the largest network of suburban malls in Singapore, Frasers Property Retail increases accessibility for large-scale EV adoption in the heartlands, in support of Singapore’s Green Plan

  • With these fast charging points, EV drivers can fully charge their vehicles as quickly as 30 minutes when parking at our malls

Singapore, 17 March 2022 - Frasers Property Retail (“FPR”) will be rolling out electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across its network of 12 malls[1] in Singapore, working with service providers Charge+, SP Group, and Tesla. A total of 36 new EV charging points will be deployed throughout the suburban malls in the North, Central, and Eastern regions of Singapore in two phases. The first phase of 27 EV charging points across 8 malls will be completed by September 2022, and will include the first deployment of Charge+ Turbo chargers and Tesla Supercharger station in the Punggol area. With this initiative, each mall under Frasers Property Retail will have up to 5 EV charging points. This initiative further marks Frasers Property Retail’s commitment to becoming a net-zero carbon corporation by 2050.

The new EV charging points at the malls will support Singapore’s growing push towards EV adoption, and develop a comprehensive charging ecosystem island wide. EV drivers can fully charge their vehicles with as little as 30 minutes when parking at our malls, which makes it convenient for our shoppers. In improving accessibility to EV charging infrastructure throughout its’ malls, Frasers Property Retail further demonstrates its commitment towards a sustainable built environment, and hopes to further encourage greater adoption of EVs in the coming years.

Mr Tan Kee Yong, Chief Operating Officer of Frasers Property Retail, said: “The availability and accessibility of charging stations is key to greater adoption of EVs, especially when drivers can enjoy the added convenience of charging their vehicles on fast EV chargers when they go about their daily routine. Our wide network of suburban malls will provide electric car drivers with this flexibility, allowing us to play a part in the shift towards green mobility under the Singapore Green Plan 2030. We expect to roll out more of such initiatives to cater to our shoppers’ evolving lifestyle and preferences, and as we push towards our net-zero carbon goals.”

This initiative marks one of many ways in which Frasers Property Retail will expand its focus on sustainable solutions to support and embrace new environmental ambitions. Looking ahead, shoppers and tenants alike can expect more innovative solutions at the malls of Frasers Property Retail, as part of our sustainability goals.

[1] The 12 malls in FPR’s portfolio include Causeway Point, Century Square, Changi City Point, Eastpoint Mall, Hougang Mall, Northpoint City (North Wing), Northpoint City (South Wing), The Centrepoint, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Tampines 1, Waterway Point and White Sands.

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