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Charge+ wins its second electric vehicle charging infrastructure tender by Singapore Government

About 4,000 charging points in the Central and West regions of Singapore


Singapore, 2 November 2022 - Charge+ has won the Singapore government’s large- scale tender for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to install, operate and maintain about 4,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the carparks of the Housing & Development Board (HDB) in the Central and West regions of Singapore. In September 2021, Charge+ was one of two consortiums which were awarded the very first governmental EV charging tender, marking today’s award the second governmental EV charging tender won by Charge+. With the addition of these 2 zones into the Charge+ network, Charge+ will now serve HDB carparks in 4 out of 5 zones in Singapore. Since its founding in 2018, Charge+ has recorded several key achievements. To-date, Charge+ has implemented more than 600 EV charging points. Charge+ is also now the only comprehensive EV charging operator in the market that serves EV drivers across public housing, condominium, commercial and industrial building segments, providing drivers a truly pervasive charging network within Singapore. Just last week, Charge+ completed and launched 153 EV charging points in governmental carparks, as part of the Singapore government’s first ever tender for EV charging infrastructure. Charge+ is also the top EV charging service provider for condominiums, serving about 100 condominiums. Charge+ operates the fastest public EV charging network in Singapore with our Turbo fast chargers at 120kW power rating which can provide EV drivers with a quick boost in as short as 30 minutes. In addition, Charge+ also works actively with many vehicular fleets in Singapore to support their electrification programmes, counting key clients such as DHL, Fedex, PUB, SingPost, UPS and Woodlands Transport. “We are honoured and excited to be selected by the Singapore government to roll out EV charging points in HDB carparks in the Central and West regions. This award is testament to Charge+’s capabilities and track record to deliver a reliable EV charging network. With the experience from the first governmental tender for EV charging, we look forward to the speedy implementation of this new charging network in HDB carparks which will contribute to our corporate target of at least 10,000 charging points by 2030.” said Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+. One key innovation from Charge+ is our proprietary ultra-slim charger, the world’s slimmest EV charger at a width of 10 centimetres. This EV charger was designed and developed by Charge+, to address the space constraints of high-density cities such as Singapore. In this new tender award, Charge+ will continue to leverage the ultra- slim form factor of our charger to implement in HDB carparks.

With Singapore as the beachhead, Charge+ is also active in the region with EV charging points set up in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. In line with our vision to allow EV drivers to charge everywhere, Charge+ aims to build an EV charging backbone spanning Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.


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