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Charge+ launches more than 150 EV charging points under Singapore government's first tender

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Photo (from left to right) :

HDB representative, Marie Tessalyn Lim

Charge+ CEO Goh Chee Kiong

SMS Dr Janil Puthucheary

Charge+ Chairman Ong Tze Boon

LTA representative, Derek Tan

URA representative, Chiu Wen Tung



Singapore, 29 October 2022 - Charge+ has completed and launched the electric vehicle charging stations, awarded under the Singapore government’s first tender for EV charging infrastructure. This Charge+ network comprises 153 EV charging points in 50 carparks of five government agencies, namely Housing & Development Board (HDB), JTC Corporation (JTC), National Parks Board (NParks), People’s Association (PA) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Of the 153 charging points, the majority which is 111 charging points are in HDB carparks. Please refer to Annex for the listing of 50 carpark locations.

URA and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) had conducted this first ever government tender for EV charging infrastructure in 2021 and awarded the North and North-East regions to the Charge+ consortium in September 2021. These two regions comprise the HDB towns of Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Punggol, Sengkang, Sembawang, Woodlands and Yishun.

Charge+ is honoured to have Senior Minister of State Dr Janil Puthucheary to grace the launch ceremony held at the Charge+ EV charging station at the multistorey carpark of Block 603, Punggol Road. This carpark was chosen because it is the most used EV charging station at a HDB carpark under Charge+ nationwide. With more than 10 Punggol residents regularly using this charging station, the data collected by Charge+ has given substantial insights into the charging habits of EV drivers living in the HDB heartlands and also helped to shape the planning of the future expansion of EV charging stations in HDB estates.

Today, Charge+ is Singapore’s only comprehensive charging operator serving the public housing, condominium, commercial and industrial building segments. Charge+ adopts a holistic approach in providing EV charging points in our HDB towns, by serving a diverse range of carparks in HDB public housing, condominiums and shopping malls in the same town. Using Punggol town as an example, Charge+ has invested in a “Turbo” fast charger in Waterway Point, a key shopping mall at the heart of Punggol. The fast direct current (DC) charging points at Waterway Point synergise well with the regular alternating current (AC) charging points in the Punggol HDB carparks. Both sets of EV chargers provide convenience and flexibility to Punggol residents who may have varying urgency in charging up their EVs. In addition, Charge+ has implemented 12 EV charging points in FLO Residence, a condominium located in Punggol, with more condominiums in Punggol to come.

One key innovation from Charge+ is our proprietary ultra-slim charger, the world’s slimmest EV charger at a width of 10 centimetres. This EV charger was designed and developed by Charge+, to address the space constraints of high-density cities such as Singapore. In this tender, Charge+ was able to leverage the ultra-slim form factor of our charger and deploy on narrow columns in HDB carparks where conventional-sized EV chargers are too big to be installed.

“The mission of Charge+ is to catalyse the proliferation of electric mobility in Singapore and the region. The launch of the EV charging network in governmental carparks marks a significant milestone in the development of Charge+ as a comprehensive EV charging provider across all types of properties. In making charging infrastructure ubiquitous, Charge+ will be able to provide Singaporeans the peace of mind in charging their EVs and in turn, spur EV adoption.” said Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+.

Annex- List of Charge+ Charging Stations under Governmental Tender
Download PDF • 154KB


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