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Charge+ and OCBC Bank partner to launch Largest EV charging Hub in Singapore's CBD

Photo (from left to right):

Mr Lee Shyong, Managing Director, Partnership & Innovation, Global Corporate Banking, OCBC Bank

Mr Goh Chee Kiong, CEO, Charge+

Mr Ong Tze Boon, Chairman, Charge+

Mr Kenneth Lai, Head, Global Treasury, OCBC Bank

Mr Nicholas Tan, Head, Global Infrastructure, Global Corporate Banking, OCBC Bank



Singapore, 17 March 2022 -

  • OCBC Bank and Charge+ have unveiled 10 electric vehicle (EV) charging points at the carpark of OCBC Centre located at 65 Chulia Street - the largest EV charging hub in the Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore.

  • This charging hub includes 2 Turbo fast charging points, currently the fastest public EV charger in Singapore.

  • This builds on an earlier partnership between Charge+ and OCBC Bank to provide attractive promotions for Tesla, Audi and Jaguar EV buyers. These EV buyers can get an OCBC Bank Eco-Care Car Loan attractively priced at 1.68% per annum, and also enjoy up to 18 months of free charging credits at Charge+ chargers. This holistic promotional package aims to spur EV adoption and support early adopters of EVs.

  • This charging hub is also aligned with OCBC Bank’s sustainability roadmap, under which green mobility is a sector of strategic importance. OCBC Bank is keen to play its part to encourage electric vehicle adoption amongst Singaporeans who wish to embrace greener lifestyles, so as to help accelerate the greening of Singapore’s land transport sector in the next decade.

  • Charge+ had announced in 2020 the plans to implement 10,000 EV charging points across housing estates, condominiums, commercial and industrial properties in Singapore by 2030. As part of its EV charging network, Charge+ has also launched its Turbo fast chargers nationwide in February 2022 that allow EV drivers to get a full charge in about 30 minutes.

  • Mr Ong Tze Boon, Chairman of Charge+, said: “We value our strategic partnership with OCBC Bank as we grow our EV charging network across Singapore. We are thrilled that EV drivers can now conveniently charge at the largest EV charging hub located in the heart of Singapore’s financial district.”

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